Project 2: Cur8Me
Original App Design

The objective of this project was to concept, prototype, brand, and test a design for an original app using our UX experience. Read more below.

Research and Discovery Phase

Idea Generation

The first step of the process was idea generation. Shown below are my 5 initial ideas. I ended up picking the "human music" app, which I then named "Cur8Me".

Competetive Analysis

The second step of the process was to do some researh on the app's potential competetors.

User Personas

User Journey

Class Presentation



View Prototype


In conclusion, this project was a great exercise in applying all of the user experience knowledge I gained over the duration of the course to an original idea. In the end, I had created a prototype for an app that was both original and functional, and whose design was based on user research- providing the app with a solid backing, so it can do more than just look the part.