Project 1: E-ZPass
Website Redesign

The objective of this project was to asess and analyze the PA Turnpike's E-ZPass website, as well as create, protoype, and test a potential redesign. Read more below.

Research and Discovery Phase

Initial User Testing

From my initial user testing, I discovered that there are a more than a few distracting elements and layout choices that impede the user when attempting to sign up for a new account. My design would attempt to correct the following problems:

1. after selecting “create new account”, first option is to change information associated with an existing account.
2. after selecting “Get an E-Z Pass”, following information is distracting and unrelated.
3. 10-step registration process is unnecessarily lengthy (ex. Has users enter credit card info twice due to replenishment and payment being on different pages)

Primary User Test

Secondary User Test

Revised Process Flow

User Personas

Primary User Persona

primary user persona

Secondary User Persona

secondary user persona



View Prototype


In conclusion, this project helped me to understand the importance of proper UX design- especially creating an effective layout that guides the user rather than distracts them, as well as creating feedback loops. This project was also my first experience with user testing, which taught me more about how to be empathetic towards the user, and not assume that they will see the same things you see.