Established in 1970

La Bella Ferrara Cafe and Bakery opened its doors in 1970. The owners were Frank and Nick Angileri who were born in Sicily. The Cafe portion of the business closed in 2014, but the bakery continues to thrive. Owners Frank and Nick have been visited by celebrities and people from all over the world. You can still visit us to see the celebrity photograph wall. Although Frank no longer performs traditional Italian songs on the weekends, the bakery is still a favorite spot for locals and a place that tourists don't want to miss!

Frank and Nick Anileri, owners, in front of the cafe

A Little Italy Staple

Our bakery has been a beloved business in the heart of Little Italy for years. La Bella Ferrara serves the best cappuccino and espresso in Little Italy. The desserts are made on the premises and come from traditional Italian recipes. Enjoy our fine tasting cannolis, tiramisu, gelato, Italian cheesecake, the traditional Italian rum cake, and much more! Next time you're in the city, be sure to stop by!

photo of a cannoli
Created for educational purposes. | Emma Pearl Smith