Mocktail Hour

Since we do not serve alcohol, we can not make cocktails. Instead, we create mocktails by using fresh fruit and our delicious Seltzer.
Most Popular Drinks:
Strawberry, Grape, Elderflower, Watermelon, Orange, Basile, Rasberry, Mint, Lime

This is always a popular station for the kids during cocktail hour; we can customize and rename drinks using their names (ex: Sam's Strawberry OR Rachel's Raspberry). We usually provide 2-3 beverage choices at the Mocktail Station. For the adults, you may also rent cases of seltzer for the bar, however it is important to remind the caterer and bartenders that you want them to use our bottles and display them on top of the bar.

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Egg cream station

Station Includes:

2 Brooklyn Seltzer Staff
Table Display Set-up
16 oz cups
(please ask about custom glasses)

Choice of 2 Flavors:

Sugar-Free Chocolate
Premium Dark Chocolate

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