Giugiaro 7A28-7000


While the front-end loader from the end of James Cameron’s Aliens is arguably the ’80s movie’s most recognizable piece of gear, those with a keen eye might have noticed something much smaller (though just as interesting) around the wrist of Ripley, the film’s main character played by Sigourney Weaver. Made by Seiko in a collaboration with Giorgetto Giugiaro (a famed automotive designer), t his sci-fi watch is as strange as it is elusive. Though the appearance of the design is novel, the analog watch’s functionality is actually quite simple and straightforward. Still, this watch is now pretty hard to find, despite a recent re-release by the Japanese watchmaking brand.

CA53W Twincept Databank

Back to the Future

If ever there was a polarizing timepiece, it’s the digital calculator watch. Decried by timekeeping purists and beloved by retro fanboys, the jury is pretty split on whether it’s a waste of circuitry or a design for the ages. A big argument for the latter, however, is the Casio CA53W Twincept Databank’s appearance in Back to the Future. Wrapped around the wrist of Marty McFly before he takes the titular time-traveling trip, this is one of the few iconic movie watches that not only can still be found brand-new today, but it will also cost you almost nothing to own. And while that’s not a great argument for its value as an everyday carry item, it’s definitely good news for anyone that wants to put together an excellent throwback Halloween costume or loves the 1980s, ironically or not.

Master Ultra Thin Perpetual

Doctor Strange

DC isn’t the only comic book universe with characters that like Jaeger-LeCoultre watches. Marvel has their own horological fanboy in Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange – which is appropriate when you consider that the character is essentially a wizard with the ability to control the tides of time. This gorgeous moonphase watch – which is still in production in varying styles – can first be seen in the movie slowly rotating away in Dr. Stephen Strange’s watch winder, but also appears in some of the marketing material. As far as iconic movie watches go, this one certainly ranks amongst the most character-appropriate. But, honestly, the watch is a gorgeous work of art even without the association.

Chronomat Evolution A13356


This is a one-watch film, and the one on the protagonist’s wrist is something we don't often see on the silver screen: A Breitling Chronomat Evolution. This is an early- to mid-2000's relic that is very much of its time. It has a large 44mm case, white dial, and wildly jarring bold numerals on the subdials. With the signature Chronomat bezel and crown, it represents the height of the big watch "moment." Nothing about its design is clean or utilitarian. It's meant to be large, loud, and luxurious – as accentuated by the non-tapered stainless steel bracelet. What's more interesting than the watch itself is how Gyllenhaal's character manages to procure it. We're first introduced to the watch in the opening scene, and more importantly, when we learn just how dark and disturbed Louis Bloom is. He steals the Breitling and proceeds to wear it throughout the film's duration, but it never quite fits. Most of the time we see it, it's dangling off of him (often upside down).

Speedmaster Professional

Apollo 13

Like the Seiko 6105’s real-world involvement in the Vietnam War era, Omega’s Speedmaster Professional, as it appears in the Apollo 13 movie, was a decision driven by the fact that the very same model was actually used aboard the real Apollo 13 manned space mission. And since the watch was so integral to the story (we won’t spoil it for anyone unfamiliar with either the flick or the actual near-disaster), it would have been a huge mistake for Ron Howard to take liberties on the specific model. Luckily, he knew much better than that. While finding a model of this watch from the correct era (the mission occurred in 1970) can be a daunting task, Omega actually still makes modern versions of this very watch – including a commemorative edition specifically for the real-life Apollo 13 mission.

Submariner 6538

Dr. No

No fictional character throughout storytelling history is as closely associated with wearable timepieces as James Bond. Really, watch any Bond film at all and you’re guaranteed to see at least one drool-worthy wristwatch. One of the all-time best, however, appeared in the very first of the literary super spy’s films, Dr. No. Worn by none other than Sean Connery, the Rolex Submariner 6538 is one of the most highly-lauded dive watches of all time – both for its impressive mechanical aspects, appearance, and association with James Bond. And while 007 has moved onto Omega as his brand of choice in more recent films, this Rolex will forever hold the title of the very first James Bond watch.