AR/VR/Mixed Reality Spring 2020


This project tasked us with learning new programs and work arounds in order to create something that immersed the viewer in a new environment.


The Plan

Beatrice and I had planned on creating a personality quiz that would pair the user with a dinosaur. Once the quiz was completed, it would then allow the user to view their dino at real size through augmented reality.

Orginally, we had wanted there to be a bunch of different dinosaurs, but due to limited resources and time, we had to cut that number down to 8.

Initial Sketch

Branding Development

Choice Flows

Below is a chart that shows all the different choice flows of the quiz.

Final Project

In the end, our original plan had worked with minor changes. The final AR portion of the project was done using free 3D models from TurboSquid. The quiz portion was done through JavaScript & jQuery.

Of course, we have to thank Josh Miller for helping us too. He was 35% of this team (Bea was 50% and Olivia was a solid 15%).