Big Fry is an initiative to save our waterways from invaders, and to stop the spread of Asian Carp in our rivers.

The War on Carp

Asian Carp (Actually four species of carp) are an invasive species that are taking over the Mississippi River watershed. They threaten natural wildlife, and ecosystems throughout waterways in the midwest. Our goal is to spread awareness about this whooping pest, and to help control them through peoples love of food. You’ll be able to find how to clean, and cook up some killer grub from the foreign fiends. You can also grab some frytastic merch to help support local efforts to control the carp.





How this Problem Became a Big Problem

The four types of carp (bighead, black, grass, and silver carp) were imported to the United States in the 1970s as a method to control nuisance algal blooms in wastewater treatment plants and aquaculture ponds as well as for human food. Within ten years, the carp escaped confinement and spread to the waters of the Mississippi River basin and other large rivers like the Missouri and Illinois.

Why We Care, and you should too

These carp are in direct competition with native aquatic species for food and habitat. Their rapid population increase is disrupting the ecology and food web of the large rivers of the Midwest. In areas where Asian carp are abundant, they have harmed native fish communities and interfered with commercial and recreational fishing. Experts are extremely concerned about the consequences of Asian carp invading the Great Lakes, where the carp would negatively affect the seven billion-a-year fishing industry. stopping their spread to these waterways is huge

Big Fry's Solution

The goal for Big Fry is to help control through our love of food. By raising awareness of the problem, and by giving recipes as a solution we hope to lessen the impact of the foriegn fish one meal at a time.