Escape the Mundane

Whether you go to experience the culture of another place, party like there’s no tomorrow or connect with the world around you, festivals serve the same basic purpose-

To escape from the mundane of everyday life.

Featured Articles

In our feature articles, we explore the popular Swedish holiday and Pagan festival, Midsummer. We examine the horror movie hit ‘Midsommar’ and ask experts whether or not the traditions in the movie are purely fact or Hollywood fiction. We continue with how the popular Swedish Vodka brand, ‘Absolut Vodka’, is reimagining the pagan festival, and what our journalist experienced while partying like an absolut Nordic.


Midsummer in Sweden
“Its like something
from another world”


I Partied Like A Nordic
How ‘Absolut Vodka’ is changing
the game on Midsummer Festivites


What is Midsummer?
We answer your questions
on all things Midsummer


Midsummer vs. 'Midsommar'
Wait, Are The Swedish Traditions
In ‘Midsommar’ Actually…Real?


Midsummer Around the World
How other Countries are celebrating

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