Dream Therapy & Hotel

Are your dreams plagued with unpleastantness? Do you have wishes of a full resting period each night? Space Case Dream Therapy and Hotel provides “out of this world” quality dream therapy in which you rest in one of our rooms and develop a healthy sleep cycle.

During daylight hours, we have many amenities to provide you entertainment and sustenance. We also provide a Canyonlands by Night and Day Sound and Light Show Jet Boat Tour at 15% less currency payment than is the norm when you book six nights or more with us.


Io Room

Europa Room

Calisto Room

Mars Room

Uranus Room

Pluto Room

Summer Sun Room

Winter Sun Room


Lunar Lounge

While the dark hours of the evening are best for stargazing, we provide entertainment alongside food and drink at our Lunar Lounge. Open for dinners in the evenings and reservations for parties during the day, our lounge offers comfortable seating, food, and musical performers to be an enjoyable indoor pasttime.

Please notify us via phone or email if you have interest in utilizing our Lunar Lounge for your own purposes, please noticy us and we can begin discussions on reserving it.


The temperatures in Moab reach levels that can be uncomfortable without hydration, but many humans enjoy H2O for swimming purposes.

Humans cannot breathe in water, so please take safety protocols in the pool area and listen to our drowning prevention attendants.


We have anticipated the common desire for addictive caffeinated beverages in the hours after the sun has risen above the horizon. Our cafe is available for service all hours of the Earth’s rotation cycle, allowing you to purchase small amounts of food when you notice your hunger.


While there are many healthy activities in the Moab area, weather or personal preferences may exclude them from your past-time selections. This is why we built a room with currency-eating game cabinets for your indoor entertainment. We have driving simulators, frog road crossing simulators, and mechanical claw machines. Please remember to come to the Arcade Counter to receive your game allowance of coins.

What planet are you?


We want you to feel as
at home in space as we do.

Phone: 801.805.1930
Fax: 901.620.1969

1865 N Hwy 191
Moab UT 84532