Hi! This is an Interactive Project by Jacquline Uhler

Project Scope:

In this project we created a series of interactive posters that utilize p5.js. I chose to create a series of band posters for the band Mayday Parade.

Poster 1: Sunnyland


Move your mouse left and right

Move your hand back and forth toward the camera

Click the poster to enter the interactive window

Poster not working?click here

Poster 2: Out of Here


click to activate

Make some noise

long sounds help the umbrella float

Poster not working?click here

Poster 3: A Lesson in Romantics


Say "emo"

move your mouse left and right

Poster not working?click here

A big thanks the Dan Shiffman and his coding train videos. Another big thanks to github for helping through this project. Here are some links from both that helped tremendously.


Teachable Machine: Image Classification

Teachable Machine:Audio Classification