Create Lists

Easily create lists and sublists according to your personal goals and interests.

Check Off Goals

Check off goals with a simple swipe, and add photos to show off your accomplishments.

Follow Friends

Follow your friends to inspire new goals, or spark some friendly competition.

Find Your Goals

Need some help figuring out what to put on your bucket list? Pocket Bucket makes it easy with our short quiz that helps us suggest the goals you'd be most interested in adding. Practice by clicking a few of the interests shown below.


Make Lists

Pocket Bucket allows you to not only create your bucket list, but it also allows you to stay organized by giving you the option to create sublists according to category. Have a lot of countries you'd like to visit? Make a Travel sublist. Foodie? Make a food sublist.

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Complete Goals

As you finish goals that you've set for yourself, easily check them off in the app with a simple swipe. For faster check-offs, use the Pocket Bucket app on your smart watch. Don't forget to document that big accomplishment by adding a photo!

Most Popular Pocket Bucket Interests


User Average Level
of Adventurousness

Most Popular Goal:
See the Northern Lights

In A Rush?

We make it even easier to check off goals, add to your list, and use the Pocket Bucket features – all from your wrist. Easily use the app on your smart watch.