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This site is home to a large collection of family photos taken over the course of Donald Burns's life. From his time in the navy, to prom photos, take a step into his life, and the experiences of the Burns' family.


Born August 20, 1943

Great Grandpop and Gramin

Don's parents, pose sometime in the early 40s

Gramin and Don

A hand painted baby portriat of Donald and his mom.

Four Generations of Burns

Here Donald, the baby, is standing with his father, grandfather, and great grandfather around when he was born.

Don's First Birthday Party

610 W. Cheltenham Avenue, Philadelphia PA

610 W. Cheltenham Avenue, Philadelphia PA


Donald and Rich

Here Don and his brother Richard are dressed as cowboys sometime around 1950.

8th Grade Portrait 1957


Spiffy Portrait

Senior Portrait

Here is Don's senior portrait, he then went to Drexel University for Engineering.

Don and Carrol Go to Prom

Don and Carol went to their high school prom together, and would later go on to get married.

Wedding Photo in 1968


Pictures from Don's time on the USS Saratoga

Beach Trip

The start of the longstanding family tradition of yearly beach trips to the Jersey shore.

Masters Degree Graduation

He earned a M.B.A in Engineering in 1971.

Don and Karen on the beach

Susan is Born

His second child is born in 1972

Christmas Eve

Greg is born 1977

Don and Carrol Poloroid

I have genuinely no idea what is happening here

His Favorite Car


Don and Greg

A small poem from their 15th Wedding Aniversary

Clearly a sports star

A family photo with thier neighbor peaking through

Taking the Pop Up Camper on a Trip

Some of the best memories were made going on fun camping adventures in this camper


Greg and Don hanging out

Sandy the golden retriever

It looks like she had gotten into trouble

Don and Carol looking fancy

Accidentally matched the kitchen wall

Don and Carol at Karens wedding 1994

The annual Burns family picture

Out on an adventure

The Toms River House


His first Grandson

Frank III is born 2000

Egg Eyes

Sometimes it was napkin rings, but it was always something

Frank, Don (now Papa), and Susan build a volcano at Don's shore house

Always a handyman

Repairing a broken garage door

At the Ocean with Frank

Going Fast at the Boardwalk

Now in Collegeville

The whole family would gather to go swimming at their retirement community pool.

9 am Popcorn in Disney

Only in Disney with Mimi and Papa would this slide.

Boardwalk Carousel

Franks First Communion 2008

Don, Carol, and Jane go to Disney

Phillies Game

Passed Away October 12, 2012

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Don and Frank 3 in 2000
Don celebrates his Birthday
Father and Son
Don and F3 but someone left the camera flash on
Don, Greg, and F3 sit around the kitchen table
Don doing his classic egg eye trick
Don and F3 on the boardwalk
Don, F3, and Susan construct a volcano
Don and F3 play in a small pool
Don shows his hands after repairing a garage door
Don and F3 down the shore
A deep blue lake sits in the middle of vast hills covered with evergreen trees
The family sits around the table at 5436 Asbury
A deep blue lake sits in the middle of vast hills covered with evergreen trees
Don sits with his birthday crown on
Another birthday celebration
Don turns 40
A deep blue lake sits in the middle of vast hills covered with evergreen trees
Don by a lighthouse
Don by a waterfall
Don and Caroll pose for a picture
Don in Philadelphia
Don mows the front lawn
The Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World Florida