Project Summary

The assignment was to come up with a phone application that serves a simple solution to daily life uses. I came up with the Buzzd app which takes your current localtion and shows you near by places where you can buy alcohalic drinks. So that the user can easily find new drinking places or find local brewed beers and wine.


process of navigating the Buzzd app

Main Features

  1. Show you places that sell alcohal near you.
  2. Filter to see types of drinks, prices, hours, and popuarity
  3. Reviews of the place and reviews of drinks
  4. Shows info for each place such as hours, popular times, menu, contact info, specials, and events.
  5. Keeps track of drinks from your most favorite and which drinks you have ordered the most.
  6. Recomdations of places and drinks based on the places and drink you have tried and reviewed.
  7. Share your location or reviews to friends on social medias.


I made personas for a variety of users that would use the Buzzd app.

list of Buzzd app user personas
I also looked at other competitor apps to gain inspiration and find what was and was not working for them.

list of Buzzd app competitors


After looking at competitors and making personas i made some rough wireframe sketches.

Buzzd index Buzzd search Buzzd suggestions Buzzd list Buzzd user profile

Ux Pin

After Revising my wieframe I made a UX Pin to make a rough mockup of the Buzzd app will be designed.


After making the UX Pin Mockups I made a more detailed mockup with Invision.

User Testing

After making the mockup Buzzd app in Invision I had user test the mockup to make sure it was working right.
Here are the questions that I asked the users to perform.

There was still a few problems with my mockups that my user testers found.