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User Testing

Purchase 1 lift ticket with an already existing account.

Add cart notifications

Comparing chart in a poor place which makes things confusing.

On Mobile, purchase a season pass as a guest.

Change the select buttons in season passes that have prices to just actual information rather than having to click a button.

Unsure about the nordic season.

What are black out dates?

Purchase a family pass for two children and two adults and create an account.

Again confused by blackout dates.

The nordic season still confusing.

On mobile, purchase 1 adult ticket and two child tickets for one day. Check out from the home page.

Add cart notifications.

Purchase three season passes and reload your evolution stowe care with food.

Selecting types of passes and which to pick is confusing.

In the end, I have learned a great amount of information through this. My site has many faults and confusions as expected. Necessary changes that I would make first would be to add some sort of notification system to the cart and to explain a little more in detail what things mean such as ESC or blackout dates. There are some other cometic issues as well with mobile and how it looks, however that wouldn't be a priority to functionality, just ways to make things look better. I also think I could use better organization in parts of the lift tickets page and the passes page. Overseeing how people navigated them, it was obvious they were confused at first but then shortly after understood and navagated without issue. I would still like to take out that confusion or hesitation. Over all I am pleased with the whole process. It was really neat to see how much goes into a website even if from this minute scale. My site needs a great bit of work, but I think it functions well from watching people test it out. I am happy with it. Stowe is one crazy site(s).