First 100 Days of Trump Tweets

This chart analyzes Trump's first 100 days in office through his Twitter account utilizing a language analysis software. It is speculated that his own personal account is run through an Android device (174 Tweets) while his PR team uses an iPhone (302 Tweets), therefore we have set up a filter system so you can chart both phones individually or together.

Authentic vs. Tone

It is important that a leader is authentic in his or her statements and that there is a consitently positive tone in their inflection. What is the average authenticity of Trump's tweets and his tone generally negative or positive, the higher the number the more positive the tone.


Both devices are inauthentic but atleast the iPhone puts a positive spin on things.

Analytic vs. Clout

Being analytical in thought means thinking about things before we say them or in this case typing. This chart measures the amount of analytical words he uses in each of his tweets versus the amount of clout or words driven with sway and control.


Both devices have highly analytical words but as suspected both are high in clout, but, suprisingly enough the iPhone edges out ahead in controlling statements.

Achievement vs. Power

In order to achieve greatness, this country must have a leader who speaks to us using words suggesting achievement not just power. What percentage of Trump's tweets seek achievement versus power in his words?


In a suprising spin it looks like the Android squeaks by with an average of 2% more achievement words and 7% less power words.

Negative vs. Positive

Another great aspect of a strong leader is the ability to stay positive even when the chips are down and there is a disaster at foot, people look to a strong leader for their ability to find an optimistic outlook. What percentage of Trump's tweets use positive words vs negative words?


No suprise here our leader seems to be more caught up in the negative than the positive.