Pros: This allows you to track hoop related workouts, set goals, see achievements
Cons: This doesn’t allow you to connect with other hoopers. This app is more geared toward health and nutrtion rather than hooping as a hobby and art

Pros: Allows you to enter info about hula hoop size and waist size Tracks spins, time, and estimated calories burned
Cons: Just a tracker. No tips, tricks, or ways to connect with others.

Pros: Connect with other athletes based on of sport and niche.
Cons: Obviously not for hoopers No tutorials


UI Inspiration



Jill Smith:Hooper | Age: 19
Occupation:College Student

Jill is a self-taught hooper; thriving on youtube and instagram videos for learning tricks and gaining followers. She is very technology savvy and frequently posts videos since she is very talented. Her hooping is very artsy and dance-like.

Anna Jackson:Hooping Instructor | Age: 39
Occupation:Hooping Instructor and Mother of 2

Anna is a certified instructor and teaches classes at the local gym and community center. She teaches new moves but also how to hoop for fitness. Her class has regular attendees,but sometimes with their busy lives they miss lessons, or if her kids require her time, she occasionally needs to postpone a lesson. She needs a unified way to keep her class up to date with lessons, tips, and tricks, even if they’re not there for a day. Since she is her own business, she also would like a way to potentially connect with other instructors and potential students in the area. She is moderately tech savvy

Dina Johanson:Hooping Student | Age: 49
Occupation:Stay-at-Home Mom of 3

Dina’s kids are in High School and rarely home, so she’s decided to pick up a hobby that also helps her to stay in shape. She attends the local hooping class once a week, but likes to practice moves on her own to get better and help keep in shape throughout the week. She especially needs access to tips and tricks for some of the moves she’s already learned but needs to improve upon. She is not very tech savvy, and currently uses google to and the occasional youtube hooping instructional video. She has a facebook but only to connect with her old high school classmates.

Ryan Lockwood:Hooper | Age: 25
Occupation:Yoga Instructor

Ryan is also a popular youtuber but he also considers himself to be quite the performer. He does perform using re hoops at a few small gigs, and of course he never misses an opportunity to go to music festivals and such where he can meet and perform for his followers. He has a close group of friends who are all also hoopers. He is quite tech savvy.

Lila Bennet:Beginner Hooper | Age: 16
Occupation:High School Student

Lila is a slightly above average student who enjoys dancing in her spare time. She recently discovered hooping and can keep it up around her waist for a while, but can’t yet do too many tricks. She really enjoys hooping and would like to learn more, but wither her busy high school schedule, she doesn’t have time to take a class, so she’s on her own. She is almost completely dependent on the web to learn anything regarding hooping.

Site Flow


User Testing Questions

You are an inexperienced hooper who really wants to learn some new moves. You want to learn how to do an escalator specifically because you saw someone do it and thought it looked really cool.

1. You’re new to this hooping app and want to follow somebody.

2. Your friend loves hooping and in the middle of a park she suddenly felt inspired by a lone guitarist playing nearby. She hands you her phone and tells you she wants you to record a new video of her performing with this guitarist and upload directly to the app. You better not screw this up since this performance is off the cuff and you don’t want to miss anything great.

3. Log out.

4. You are a new user who wants to become a part of the hooping community so you downloaded this app. How do you achieve this?

5. You love hooping and have a number of loyal followers. You are performing at a very hipster-y festival and want to let all your wonderful followers know about this. (send to all option on conversation page)

6. You’re on the bus home from school and intend to practice some hooping when you get back. You can’t very well hoop on the bus, but look for tutorials and entertainment that you can watch and learn from later. You watch them to pass the time, and want to save the ones that you thought were the best and then find them again later. (make heart and stars brighter)

7. You just spent hours creating and editing the perfect tutorial. You are finally ready to post it to the hooping community.

8. You need to boost your followers so you decide a collaboration would be the perfect method. You don’t have much money to travel, so you’ll have to look for and contact and hooper that lives in PA.

9. You posted a video and want to see what people are saying about it. You think your video was super cool, and are ready to defend it to all the trolls. View comments.

Initial Testing Results

At first some of the problems my users encountered was especially confusion with how to message all followers nor how to follow someone. The routes to achieve this were unclear, and at first users did not recognize the followers symbol. Therefore I changed the symbol to simply state "followers" or "following." Initially, the users did not recognize these as buttons, which I will reconcile in my final design. Additionally, there was some confusion with the wording of the videos/entertainment vs. tutorials. As far as the layout, the users did not recognize the difference between the names of the profiles underneath the videos and the names of the videos itself. There is currently nothing to differentiate the two.

User Testing

360video from Meganne Abbott on Vimeo.


Overall, after the final round of testing, the users were largely able to successfully complete all of the given tasks. On one occasion the user had mistaken the "my profile" icon as a route to search for other people who they were not already following, however the second and third users did not encounter this issue. In the future I would consider finding a way to perhaps make a user's followers more clear on the home page as well so that there is not this confusion.

Based on my previous round of testing, I adjusted the locations of the profile names vs video names of the videos. I put the title of the video above the video and the person's name below the video next to a profile thumbnail so as to differentiate. This was successful in limiting the confusion.

My main goals to have the user be able to upload videos, find other hoopers, and search for tutorials or performance videos were easily accomplished by all.