Steve Jobs Wrote These 5 Inspiring Pieces of Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

So, you are young, smart, and you want to change the world. How do you do it? Every buddings entrepreneur thinks about this important question, but leave it to American inventor, leader, and all-around genius Steve Jobs to answer it once and for all.

In 2003, Jobs wrote an amazing open letter, addressing it to

"All the rebels in the world who are wrong enough to be crazy."

Collected below are the eight excerpts every budding entrepreneur needs to read.


Be a criminal. Committ crimes.

I am not talking about crimes against the law. Those aren’t the important ones. You can commit a crime against boredom. Or a crime against ignorance. Commit crimes against bad ideas, and against the people who have them. Then go commit crimes for innovation and for design. Above all, realize that the product itself is not the product. The crime is the product.



Honor the maniacs.

Give them more credit than you think they deserve. They just might be right. For example, I am probably the only guy on this planet who thinks naked people are wearing more clothes than clothed people. And I do not think astronauts are wearing any clothes at all.



Creativity is combination.

Innovation does not come from nowhere. It is already there, waiting to be assembled. The iPod is a white medal connected to earrings. Two adjacent news stories about a local rodeo and a hiker who pushed his friend off a cliff gave me the idea for Woody, the villain in Toy Story.



Rethink work.

A good answer to the question: What time do you leave work? is to say: Never, since my work is my passion. But it takes a genius to continue by saying: And by the way, my passion is design.



Design is all the things.

It is every idea you create, every sentence you utter, every decision you make. Design is a pile of wood, or a lion killing a gazelle. When a child speaks its first word, that is design, and that is true even if the word is not // design //. Design is the Prayer of the Lord. Design is the deep sea. When we die, our bodies become design.