This assignment required a redesign of State Theatre in Easton PA. By focusing attention on State Theatre's user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), I was able to attack the major problems with the website's process of purchasing tickets. By examining the current process, applying revisions and executing my revisions, I feel more confident in my understanding of UX and UI Design. I was able to design a responsive website that makes this process painless. Below is the process I took to create an efficient and more enjoyable process of purchasing tickets online at the State Theatre.



The possibilities of potential users are endless. By creating four personas, I was able to test potential scenarios and tasks these users may need to accomplish on the State Theatre website to ensure that users of all types will leave the website satisfied.


It was my goal to simplify the website flow to a very minimal and simple to understand process. Simplifying the usability was top priority.



My main goal was to take the current site-flow and simplify the process. By using the revised flow I created above, I began to layout the possible interface.


UXPin is a website that allows wireframes and prototypes to come to life. Below is an interactive version of the wireframes for desktop and mobile.


Using Invision, another UX design app, I was able to create both mobile and desktop prototypes which allow the user to go through the process of purchasing three tickets to see Rent.


I have come to the conclusion that UX is often an overlooked issue when it comes to web design. State Theatre offers a great example of a confusing user experience lost among the overwhelming design of the site. Dissecting the various aspects of the State Theatre website has been grueling at times, but has proved to be a rewarding experience. I have found that by going through a UX redesign process the best ways to apply all that I have learned so far this semester to provide a more user friendly experience.