The final assignment of the semester required the prototyping and design of an app for a mobile device. The app is meant to be solving a problem in everyday life. The app I designed is called Offset. Offset is a mobile app that allows users of the KUCD Print Lab to submit their projects and fill out job sheet through the app. Offset also allows users to pay for their prints and communicate with the lab monitors.



By creating a unique branding for Offset, I was able to follow the KUCD colors to create a unique branding sheet.


Based on our four personas, we wrote eight possible scenarios of typical uses for our apps. These scenarios are stories of what someone else might need to accomplish by using the app. These scenarios were used for our user testing.


By creating a process flow of our app, we are able to visually capture all the interactions possible on our app.


In class we made quick visual wireframes for main pages on the app.


UXPin is a website that allows wireframes and prototypes to come to life. Below is an interactive version of the wireframes.



Having different users test our app's scenarios, we were able to receive feedback to adjust our designs to better suit the usability of the app.


Using Invision, another UX design app, I was able to create a prototype which allow the user to go through the functions of the app.


Through the many rounds of user testing and redesigns of my app, I was able to experience a very successful creation of an app. Many users were excited by my app concept and wished that it could be a real app (which I wouldn't mind!) By using what I've learned through our previous project about UX design, I was able to create a user-friendly experience without sacrificing the visual design.