Step 1: Research & Process

First, I came up with three ideas for apps that I felt were different apps that were similar to my idea and explained what made my prototype different from them.

Swimming App Research

Once I picked what app I wanted to focus on, I looked up competitors that apps were similar, I described their functions and what they provided to consumers and differentiated them from mine, and explained what made mine unique. Below is a moodboard made up of my competitors, what their apps look like, and gives a little explanation of why mine is different.

Deck Pass

Deck Pass allows its users to connect with their USA membership. When you swim in a meet and obtain a goal, get a certain time standard, etc. you get a patch. You can collect a lot of patches throughout your swim carrer. You can set goals, invite friends and see live results. What makes my app different is that you can build your profile, but instead of having meaningless patches that you don’t ever use you can use your profile to get you to a program you desire to swim for. And you can log practices and laps.

Just Swim

Just Swim allows you to record how many laps you have done, for how long and records your overall yardage for the week and lets you keep track of goals. It also allows different goals to achieve like healthy breakfast or swim a certain amount that day. Lastly, it gives you some articles to read. However, it doesn’t allow you to connect with your apple watch and let it track your distance for you and it doesn’t allow you to build a profile.


This is the closest app I found to my idea. It allows a lot of the same things except it gives you articles to read. The difference between mine and this one and what makes mine special is allowing you to track your practices and yard and keep log of them. I feel that is more beneficial to a swimmer than having some articles to read. And I also believe being able to contact coaches is what makes mine special too.

Step 2: Personas


Step 3: App Features

Previous App Features

These were features that were what I had first thought up for the app.

Current features

With some little changes to the features, things were taken out and put in based on what my peers, professor and I thought were beneficial to the app without making it confusing.

Step 4: Sitemap and Process Flow

First Flow Chart
Second Flow Chart

Step 5: Wireframes

Step 6: Video

Step 7: User Testing Results


User Results

Summer Montenegro

Caleb Finn

Megan Augunas