Mare Cibo is a concept Sicilain-Mediterranean restaurant designed to take you on a cultural journey. We aim to give the most authentic Sicilain experience with a dash of Mediterranean flavor. Mare Cibo was founded by Guiseppe Russo in August of 1984 after moving from his native town of Palermo, Sicily. The inspiration for his dishes come from his grandmother's cooking that he grew up on. Our restaurant is named Mare Cibo meaning "sea food" therefore our main delicacies include exotic sea food dishes popular within Sicily including swordfish and sea urchins.


We pride in serving our customers authentic mix of sicilian and mediterranean dishes. We serve our food as a your choice of a four course meal. We serve a wide variety of exotic and local seafood so there are options for everyone. We also serve vegetarian options or allow dishes to be made differently for customers with allergies.

Check out our full food menu below.

Food Menu


We serve a variety of drinks rainging from cocktails, wine, and speciality dessert drinks. One of our most popular drinks is the popular Sicilian drink, Limoncello.Giuseppe, like many other Sicilians, are very proud of the lemons grown in Sicily.

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Drink Menu


We serve a variety of sweet and traditional desserts. One of our most popular desserts is our traditional Cannoli. A tube-shaped shell of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta.
*Some of our desserts contain nuts. Please inform your server of any allergies.

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Dessert Menu


Phone: 646.388.3436
Email: info@mareciborestaurant.com


We only take bookings for large parties!