Creative Code Project: Seasons

For this project I wanted to create an interactive nature scene. I wanted to be able to move back and forth and change the season the scene is in. To complete it I needed to create the scene in different seasons, animate them and then create code that would track where a person is standing and play the specific animation to that spot.

Initial Sketches

I first started this project by looking at different nature scenes and deciding what kind of scene I would like to make. I made these 3 scenes.

Then I chose my favoite scene and traced over it, simplifying the shapes so that it would be easier to draw and animate. I then scanned in the drawing and created the first scene in illustrator.


After making this first scene which is summer, I created the other seasons by duplicating the first illustration and changing some colors or adding some elements. After illustrating the scene in all four seasons, I brought the files into After Effects and animated them all. Then I exported them so they would be ready to be placed into the code.

Final Results


Overall I really enjoyed this project! It was fun to try something completly knew. The hardest parts of this project were learning how to code in Processing and learning some new things in After Effects. Although it was tricky at times and did not end up exactly how I imagined it, the end result was still very reawarding.