Ancient Echoes

Ancient Echoes was a collabarative interactive insallation in which the team created a torch that contains infrared lights which are picked up by the camera that was mounted on the celing which then triggered animations to play on a projector wherever the torch was being held within the visual range of the camera.


  • Short Throw Projector
  • Infrared Camera
  • Infrared Lights
  • Processing
  • Mad Mapper projection mapping software
  • Personas

    • Margaret, Age 52

      Margaret is an art history teacher at Kutztown University and is very interested in the history of cave paintings. She does not know much about the inner workings of the CD department and is excited to see static art history come to life.

    • Jake, Age 20

      Jake is taking an art history course and is pretty sure he is failing. He is having the most trouble with the paleolithic era and learns better when he is doing things with his hands.

    • Megan, Age 18

      Megan has a CD major friend and wants to see what they have been working on all semester. She takes a weaving class but otherwise knows nothing about art or computer science.


    We gathered examples of insallations that have a similar concept and used them as inspiraton

    Logo Sketches

    First Prototype

    Final Product

    The Team

    • Jennifer Stank
    • Abby Scheuerman
    • Charles Saternos
    • Annie Crider