Project Overview

The Projected Forecast is an interactive installation that encourages users to explore the weather in locations throughout the world. The installation creates a physical representation of the weather in a particular area that the user selects.

Users can select a location from a list. A weather API then finds the current weather for the selected location. jQuery parses the JSON data returned from the API in order to determine the current temperature, precipitation, time of day/brightness, wind levels, and overall weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, etc.). Using this information, a scene matching the weather conditions is projected onto a plexiglass silhouette. The information also creates a physical representation of the weather. This includes water pumped to represent rain, a fan blowing to create wind, and simulated fog.

Team Members

Al Bronakowski, Communication Design
Zach Kern, Computer Science

Required Technology


The installation could be displayed in the student gallery or some other area where light can be limited for projection. Other than the projection, the piece will be fairly self contained, allowing it to be displayed in another location.